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Peter and his children


Peter Mutabazi is the founder of Now I Am Known, an organization that supplies resources to support vulnerable children. Originally from Uganda, Peter ran away from an abusive home at age ten and lived as a street kid for nearly five years. Today Peter is a single dad to countless foster children and his adopted son, Anthony. For the past twenty years Peter has worked as a child advocate within the U.S. and globally to promote wellness and child development. He believes every child deserves to be seen, heard, and known. Peter has appeared on international media outlets and is a passionate speaker who resides in North Carolina.

You are Seen. You are Heard. You are Known.


I’d always fostered boys and never expected to have a girl. Now, I’m so grateful that I get to have girls and boys in our home, and I get to be her Dad. Since the day she arrived, she has been boss of the house! She’s taught me so much about listening and being tender. —— What have your kids taught you?
As you know I am a SINGLE Dad! I would love a date, if anyone out there is looking for a partner! 😘 There’s just ONE problem… Well TWO actually… You’ll have to get past my bodyguards first! 😜 ——— Leave a ❤️ in the comments and I’ll get them to check through the applications! 😅
On every journey we must remember to take time to stop and appreciate what we have. To fuel ourselves - our minds and our hearts - to see and feel. So often we rush through life, numbing our trauma and being afraid to feel. But we have to stop and open our eyes to be truly grateful for what we do have. The good people in our lives around us. Being grateful helps us live with purpose and meaning. What are you grateful for in your life?
Our dogs, Rafiki and Simba are two other members of the family you will often see in our videos but you don’t get to hear as much about. As you can see they have their Swahili names also from the Lion King. Rafiki actually means “companion,” or “friend,” and Simba is of course “lion.” - Well he does look a bit like a lion! I am a massive fan of Disney and have been lucky enough to take some of my foster children to Disneyland too. Who are your favourite Disney characters?
Parenting! There’s never a dull moment. I wouldn’t change it for anything but the Screaming… Yelling… the Please get me out of here… moments. Make up so much of each day. We get the tears and tantrums which so many of you deal with all by yourselves. Whether you’re a lone parent or doing it all while your partner is elsewhere. You are working hard every moment. The smiles and the hugs eventually make it all worthwhile! 😅 I see you. I hear you. I understand. ——- What have been your (good or not so good) moments that you wish you could tell someone about today?
Want to stay humble? Become a parent! 😅 As I’m getting my toddler out of her out of her car seat this morning, I look down in the floor of the car—where we keep her shoes, obviously—and I realize we don’t have two that match 😳 I definitely didn’t have time to go back home for a matching pair, so I scooped her up and we walked into daycare with mismatched shoes. 👟👞 This is the “walk of shame” as a parent for me… that moment when you have so many responsibilities that your imperfections start to show up loud and clear. I needed this reminder today—that loving my kiddos doesn’t always have to be perfect. 💙 Near misses don’t make parents failures-they make a dad or a mom who’s trying to show up every single day! When have you had an embarrassing moment like this? #parents #dads #momlife
"They spend all their time on their iPads!” Are words every parent or grandparent has spoken. In modern society young people turn to their tablets or phones to look up information before they ask someone around them. It’s so important that children learn from us. Learn basic life skills like how to cook and clean, and how to check the oil and tyre pressure! These things may seem small but they soon add up and they help me too, as I know they’ll be able to look after themselves and stay safe when they continue their journeys’ without me. We can’t always be with them but we can teach them to take care of themselves. What life skills have you taught your children?
You know your message has come full-circle when you see kids in your home wearing shirts that SPEAK their true value! 🙌🏾 You are LOVED. You are SEEN. You are HEARD. You BELONG. When I was a teen, it wasn’t the warm meals and the roof over my head that meant the most to me… it was the words of TRUTH spoken over me that changed my life! Now seeing my kids wear shirts and my dogs in bandanas that speak TRUTH over them — it’s amazing what a message of hope can do for vulnerable children! It’s my goal for every foster child to hear and know and BELIEVE the truth about themselves 🧡
To the Veazeys and Mrs. Woolsey — my family is my family today because you showed me how to navigate through foster care 🙏🏾 It’s amazing to me what you can do when you have a supportive community! These three adults and their children have been with me from the get-go of my foster parenting journey. From simple things, like bringing food when I had new placements and making sure I had what I needed for new age groups 🍔🥗 To answering my panic phone calls at all hours of the night (seriously, endless phone calls… I have so many questions!) 📞😴 They have walked through all the highs and lows of this journey with me… Including the tricky business of transferring my foster care rights from state to state! 😅 I would not be who I am or be sharing the hope I am today without their wisdom. 🤲🏽 The people in your life who have been a HUGE part of making you who you are— tag them below 💛 don’t hesitate to tell them what they mean to you today!
Not every person is wired to foster children—but every person CAN take a small step to learn more about nurturing healthy communities 🤲🏽 The ratio of foster care children in need to available foster families is 1-to-10. YES, 1 family available for every 10 kids in need… Children need homes, but far too few people are willing to step up — or even know how! Big or small, your participation begins in educating yourself! Here are SEVEN different things you can do to advocate for foster care children:
If you had told me 6 years ago, I would be changing diapers and I’d be HAPPY about it… I would’ve said you were crazy! But this been the most awesome journey 🙌🏾 In so many ways, my past set me for failure, but I choose not let it determine my future! Here is my note to you, as someone who beat the odds — embrace your past. own it as yours, and make it a foundation that motivates you to do better for yourself and others 🫶🏾 What have you overcome the last 5yrs? . . #foundation #ownit #dream #parentingtips
Since my kids can’t tell the difference, I’m letting them assume it’s my Green Bay Packers playing. Any thought @aaronrodgers12 ? In 10 yrs I might have some explaining to do! . #superbowl #greenbaypackers
“Peter, you will never amount to anything” is what my father told me everyday when I was younger; so much so, I started to believe. It was until a stranger helped me understand what it is to be the best father I can be. My hope is that I can do the same for these little girls as the stranger did for me. He helped me believe in my hopes & dreams again. Can you name a time where you restored your self confidence & found positivity again?
Happy birthday to Ryder, he is 7 today! You are the thoughtful one in our tribe 🫶🏾 The way I watch you care for your sisters shows so clearly how considerate you are. Your diligence in reading and creativity in your artwork impress me. Your kind, gentle heart adds so much joy to our home— and I hope you never lose your infectious smile! And of course, today especially of all days, I’m grateful to his bio parents for letting me parent him in this time 🧡 Happy 7 years, strong one! 🎉
Zay is turning 19 today, and though he has aged out and is living with his bio family, he is still very much a part of our family as well 💛 we talk to this “big brother and son” daily, and it’s a joy to still be part of his journey and celebrate him today 🥳 To all foster care kids, this message is for you— I know it can be so hard to believe when you don’t know where you’re going to lay your head at night… but hear me when I tell you that YOU ARE KNOWN. You are loved. Your needs are important. And to every one of you who have celebrated that first birthday once you aged out of your care home— know that you are on my heart today 🫶🏾 Happy birthday to Zay🎉 May his life be a beacon of hope to other people in need 🙏🏾 His birthday wish list is my bio! 🙏
Celebrate with us… it’s Skylar’s 8th birthday! 🎉8️⃣🥳 As we landmark one more year of her life with cake and partying together as a family today, I can’t help but remember her parents and the gift of life they’ve given her 🫶🏾 and the gift I have to be her dad for a time! 🙌🏾 Thank you to our village for celebrating every milestone along the way! Getting to be a part of one more birthday is so special to me as a foster dad. You never know how many you’ll get to celebrate with a child once they’re in your home—but all I want is for Skylar to know how special she is… today and EVERY day! 🙏🏾
When my adopted “dad” saw me hungry on the streets & took me in— he had no idea the impact that would make. Decades later, I’ve shared my redemption story with crowds and churches around the globe and published a book documenting every detail. I had the privilege of opening a foundation to support foster parents who spread hope to kiddos in their care, AND I got to publish my story as a book. Best of all 🙌🏾 I’ve fostered dozens upon dozens of children, who call me “dad,” and adopted my son, Anthony. And I get to do all of that…. Because one man saw my needs & chose to be radically generous. 🙏🏾 If your compassion for children in need breaks your heart like it does mine, please consider making a tax-deductible gift to the Now I Am Known Foundation— so that more children know they are KNOWN and LOVED 💜 Your gifts go towards 3 goals: 1️⃣ Provide for the foster children in the Mutabazi family (hoping to purchase a minivan, so I can carry everyone around together🤞🏾) 2️⃣ Purchase beds and mattresses for aging-out foster teens 3️⃣ Recruit and support new foster families The link to the foundation is in my bio
It’s Anthony here, taking over my dad’s social media today… because today is his birthday! 🎉 My dad never celebrates his birthday. Since growing up on the streets, he says this about his birthday—“It was hard to celebrate when I didn’t have a meal to eat.” But ever since he adopted me when I was 11 he celebrates MY birthday every year (AND all the birthdays of the brothers and sisters who come into our home!). So far, we haven’t gotten to celebrate him like he celebrates us (and I’m 16 now). I was hoping this year… all of you could help me wish him a happy birthday! 🥳🧡 The more books that get purchased, the more children we can foster and adopt— so if you can, grab my dad’s full story in the link below and let’s blow up his book sales today! The book link is the bio
Merry Christmas from our family to yours 🎄🎁🥰
This little ball of joy is the best Christmas gift 🎁 It’s a sweet surprise, and I’m so grateful she gets to spend this season with me and my family! 🙏🏾 Of course as a foster parent, part of this child’s story is interlaced with sadness — the reality that her biological family doesn’t get to make memories and celebrate the holidays with her this year tragic and heartbreaking 🎄 At Christmas time, it’s important for o me that we take time as a family to celebrate the bio families represented in our home ✨ to give thanks for where these children’s lives began and the hope we have for their future 🙌🏾
Can you tell by the looks on their faces how excited they are to be here?! 🥰 Champions of change surprised the kids and me with a Christmas trip to Disney 🪄 My family gets to experience the wonder and excitement of these parks… But let me tell you, the ✨true magic✨ in this world is the kindness & generosity of strangers that makes things like this possible for me and my kids. To all those that reach out to foster kids and foster parents (especially during this season🎄) THANK YOU! We foster parents are SO grateful for the acts of kindness we receive, not just because it often means we get to see pure JOY on our kids faces — but because they get to see KINDNESS at work in this world 🙏🏾❤️🌎
“Bittersweet” doesn’t describe this feeling quite well enough. Little man, you taught me how to be a parent, but never on how to say goodbye. And I’m not sure quite how to… 💙 In a few short days, my family and I will say goodbye to this sweet little boy — and even though reunification was always the end goal, that doesn’t make it an easy “goodbye” for any of us. Endings are brutal. How beautiful is it, though, that this “end” is filled with HOPE? ✨ Hope for this little soul to grow up in a loving home. No matter how many hope-filled goodbyes I have to say — it’s that very hope for his future that motivates me to press in and bring love to more children in need. What a paradox, to feel so sad yet so hopeful at the same time. 🙏🏾
Allow me to introduce you to my supervisors 😉🥰 These girls run my world, and keep me on quite the strict schedule! 🌎 Being a dad to two girls has it’s challenges, for sure (just like any parent-child relationship does) — but it’s the privilege of a lifetime to raise them to live in love. Growing up in Africa, I watched firsthand as my mother and sisters were mistreated, used, and even abused… I am the cycle breaker. I’m changing the world with these two little girls under my roof — showing them what it feels like to be fully known, fully accepted, AND fully loved. 🙏🏾 Love is intentional. Love is healing. It breaks through trauma barriers, and it’s giving these girls a chance to be brought up differently than I was — protected, cared for, and loved. I’m so grateful to be a piece of their redemption story. Their pose here just brightens my day, and my 4-year-old’s smile gives me hope that they FEEL how loved they are!
These two truly keep me on my toes!!🤪 Sometimes it's hard to tell who is 3 and who is 5 years old! 🤣 Who needs an alarm when you have early risers, like these two minions? 😂😫 It takes me about 3 hours in the morning to get the house looking somewhat decent, but it takes them about 5 seconds to turn it upside down! 🤕 Love their ungodly morning chats and giggles 🥰😫🥰🥰😡🥰🥰😇
Win up to 3 nights in an amazing 4-bedroom house (sleeps 10) in Charlotte, NC, by purchasing my book NOW I AM KNOWN on my website (link in the bio). I’ll announce one fabulous winner on Jan 30th! To enter, buy one copy of the book at Winner will be randomly selected must be at least 18yrs Open to U.S. citizens only. the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram


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    Help purchase beds and mattresses for teens aging out of foster care.
  3. Recruit and Support New Foster Families
    This fund will help purchase a bed and mattress for new foster families when they receive their first placement.
Peter and his son


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